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This is quite a lucky week for me, well i know there's still the weekends, haha...

Finally got my hands on HTC HD2~ It's really a beauty. Screen size same as PSP, can direct play avi, mp4 and mkv video files that doesn't exceed the resolution of 1008 x 1008. Sad thing is the battery life has a very short lifespan. And i got it quite cheap too. Exchange my iPhone 16gb 3GS with the other guy's HD2 (he used around a month and 2 days) plus he topped me back $150. So in the end, $518 - $150 = $368, actually i have traded in my Nokia 5800 expressmusic, so it's $368 - $200 = $168. Well, $368 for a second-hand HD2 with 10 months of warranty left, it's still quite a steal.

And lastly, this morning finally got my bonus~ Got the letter of increment from my boss and my pay has finally increased to a decent poly student's pay, well the claiming of quitting does help me i think... Overtime pay is still available for me to earn XD

Let's see what i'll be writing for this upcoming weekend.
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First entry on year 2010

Greetings to all! It's been a WHILE since i updated my blog again.

About my work - Got the same bonus amount as last year, which means all the pre-ordered Nanoha items are confirm easy as 123 to settle, just have to wait for them to arrive~ Sad thing is never got promoted this year, still same role except with a new daily task to do.

About Weib Schwarz - On last saturday's Nanoha tournament at RC, very lucky got straight 4 wins in the early round and got 3rd place in the finals.

About social life - Done some reflecting, decided to be more energetic this year.

About schooling - Finally decided on a course to study and the course will starts in April. My most worried parts are about the first 2 modules, English and Maths... Yesterday met up with Tama and Tel, Tel handed over a 100 MCQ on English for me to do and i got 58/100... Well at least i passed =x Guess i have to work way harder for me to improve my english, so.. from now on my blog will be in proper english, i HOPE i can do that at least..

So folks, DO correct me, i am seriously BAD at english... Thanks and sorry for the poor english entry =x
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AFA pre-ticketing

Announcement from KKnM:

Starting next weekend, you can go down to KKnM to do your pre-ticketing orders for AFA'09. If you have old receipts from buying stuff from KKnM, please show them when you're doing the pre-ticketing to get a 5% discount. But if you don't have any receipt, you can still buy things from them on the spot and use the receipt for the discount.
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Deck Box and Weiβ Schwarz Play Mat customising

Hi to all duelist/card collectors,

Ever want a certain design of deck box or play mat but can't find the suitable designs?

Well, here's a deal for you all.

I'll be creating the custom deck box or play mat for you.

Covered with hard plastic to ensure protection for your deck box and play mat!

Samples of Deck Box

Side 1

Middle Back

Side 2


1) $14 for the custom designs + box.
2) $16 for the 2 more additionally pic's designs at the left and right side of the box + box.

How to order?
1) Decide 3 pictures and resize them => 1 for Front, 1 for Top and 1 for Back [Side 1 + Middle Back + Side 2 adds together to form Back]
Top – 7.4cm (Length) x 5.4cm (Height)
Front – 7.4cm (Length) x 8.7cm (Height)
Back – 18.4cm (Length) x 9.7cm (Height)

2) Email the 3 resized pics to
with your name, contact number and Sgcafe nick (if have).

3) Once i read your email, i'll sms/call back immediately.

4) Once confirm the deal, the work will start asap and i will meet you up on the weekends to pass you.

Viewing of the deck box before ordering
Sat's afternoon, normally i will be @ Sunshine Plaza's area/Rapid Culture, you can find me there to see the box sample.

Samples of Play Mat

!!!Take note!!!
The design is applied onto a cardboard and not onto a cloth.

Front design's samples




Folded when keeping

Measurements of the mat with picture:
24.7cm (Height) x 41.3cm (Width)

Charges and payment term:
$18 and cash-on meetup.

How to order?
1) Email me the picture that you want to (Find the best quality's landscape you can find)
2) Provide me with your preferred-to-call name/nick, hp no. and Sgcafe's nick if possible.
3) Product will be done within 2~3 days. Collection will be on either Fri's evening/Saturday.

For anymore questions, please sms me @ 9760 4238 (Takuya), please indicate that you've questions on the deck box or play mat when you sms.

Thanks for the support!
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Dad's back XD

Finally picked my dad up from hospital wif mum on Sat's morning and we returned home by the public ambulance, $50, they pushed the patient on the way to his hse.

Realised 1 thing abt my dad, he shld learnt how to hang the phone be4 scolding/cursing tat person. As i forgot to mention 1 of the medicines be4 i went out, he called and when he 'hangs' the phone, i heard him scolding vuglar language @ me to my mum and i called my mum to tell her to remind him to hang the phone FIRST be4 scolding ppl next time, rofl, wins~

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Selling 1/8 Fate Testaroosa GSC figurine
Dealing on this Sat @ Sunshine plaza~

-Condition 9/10 (it's in my cabinet for all the time)
-Original price is $70, selling @ $60 now.

Pics:Collapse )

Pls either PM or sms me @ 9760 4238, thanks~
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- 3.52 M33-2 (Able to play AHEM games without UMD)
- 2gig memory stick with 5 yrs warrantly
- 9.7/10 (no dead/bright pixels)
- Charger wire slight cover tear
- Logitech Hard casing included
- 2 mths old

Selling @ $260, interested parties sms/call me @ 9760 4238, thanks!


PS. Meeting @ Queenstown MRT ONLY!
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